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Тести оддӣ
A) бақия
B) захира
C) ҳаракат
D) мақсад
47. Тести оддӣ
Many foreign tourists want to visit Pamir ________.
A) products
B) books
C) journalists
D) mountains
48. Тести оддӣ
Tourism ____________ to the social and economic development of the country.
A) writes
B) speaks
C) reads
D) influences
49. Тести оддӣ
Моҳи январ мо ба Лондон меравем.
A) We in January shall go to London.
B) We to London shall go in January.
C) To London in January we shall go.
D) We shall go to London in January.
50. Тести оддӣ
Тарҷумаи ҷумлаи зеринро ёбед. Донишҷӯён пагоҳ ба осошгоҳи \"Баҳористон\" мераванд.
A) The students did go to the resort Bahoriston\" tomorrow.
B) The students will go to the resort Bahoriston\" tomorrow.
C) The students will went to the resort Bahoriston\" tomorrow.
D) The students to go to the resort Bahoriston\" tomorrow.
51. Тести оддӣ
Who _____ for a walk tomorrow?
A) will go
B) did go
C) going
D) to go
52. Тести оддӣ
Феъли мувофиқро дар замони ояндаи номуайян интихоб кунед: They ____ their English exam at this time tomorrow.
A) taken
B) did took
C) taking
D) will take
53. Тести оддӣ
What___ you____ next Sunday?
A) will/do
B) are/done
C) to be/do
D) am/do
54. Тести оддӣ
Ба ҷои холимонда калимаи саволиро интихоб кунед: _____ will you go to Dangara?
A) What
B) When
C) How
D) Where
55. Тести оддӣ
My father _______ from Dushanbe tomorrow.
A) to do coming
B) to come
C) is coming
D) came
56. Тести оддӣ
Варианти калимаро дуруст дарёфт кунед: The major component of tourism is _______.
A) house
B) ticket
C) location
D) University
57. Тести оддӣ
Tourism is a ______based industry.
A) banking
B) service
C) operator
D) element
58. Тести оддӣ
Тарҷумаро ёбед. system
A) суғурта
B) система
C) нақлиёт
D) саноат
59. Тести оддӣ
Find the correct translation of the word: hospitality
A) ҷойгиркунӣ
B) шароит
C) меҳмоннавозӣ
D) муҳит
60. Тести оддӣ
Complete the following sentence: The location of tourism is known as the ___________.
A) historical buildings
B) tourist destination
C) public organization
D) transport services
61. Тести оддӣ
Most countries now have public _____ organizations.
A) tourist
B) package
C) catering
D) attraction
62. Тести оддӣ
Complete the sentence with the right word: The activity of tourist agencies brings great sums of _______into their country.
A) water
B) food
C) money
D) service
63. Тести оддӣ
If they (go) to California next year, they (visit) their friends in San Fransisco.
A) go/will visit
B) went/visit
C) to go/visiting
D) did go/visited
64. Тести оддӣ
Кадом шакли феъл дар замони ояндаи номуайян дуруст аст? You________ in Paris tomorrow evening.
A) to arrive
B) will arrive
C) did arrive
D) arrived
65. Тести оддӣ
Complete the given sentence: If the weather is fine _________________.
A) we shall go to the beach
B) we to go to the beach
C) we going to the beach
D) we did go to the beach
66. Тести оддӣ
Complete the line with the correct word: Tour operators publish colorful brochures and________.
A) offices
B) booklets
C) attractions
D) factors
67. Тести оддӣ
Tourism also helps to develop tourists’ physical and psychological __________.
A) crowds
B) money
C) fitness
D) impact
68. Тести оддӣ
A) word
B) respect
C) economy
D) people
69. Тести оддӣ
варианти тарҷумаи калимаро ёбед. ҷисмонӣ
A) financial
B) physical
C) importance
D) economical
70. Тести оддӣ
An advertisement contains of facilities and attractions offered to________.
A) tourists
B) students
C) children
D) doctors
71. Тести оддӣ
Тарҷумаи ибораро ёбед. даромади кишвар
A) nations together
B) income of the country
C) ecology of the place
D) great importance
72. Тести оддӣ
зебогии табиат
A) take into consideration
B) the beauty of nature
C) package tours
D) mass media
73. Тести оддӣ
_____ is a travel agent.
A) My
B) He
C) They
D) We
74. Тести оддӣ
_____ are a tour operator.
A) She
B) We
C) You
D) It
75. Тести оддӣ
Complete the sentence with the correct pronoun: ______ am a guide.
A) We
B) I
C) His
D) It
76. Тести оддӣ
Ҷонишинро дуруст муайян кунед: ____ are tourists.
A) Her
B) Mine
C) They
D) Its
77. Тести оддӣ
Ҷонишини дурустро муайян кунед: I am a tourist from Tajikistan. ____ name is Alisher.
A) Its
B) Our
C) My
D) These
78. Тести оддӣ
муассисаи сайёҳии онҳо
A) its tourist organization
B) my tourist organization
C) our tourist organization
D) their tourist organization
79. Тести оддӣ
Варианти тарҷумаро дуруст интихоб намоед. шаҳри мо
A) my city
B) this city
C) its city
D) those city
80. Тести оддӣ
Look at them. _____ are research tourists.
A) Mine
B) They
C) She
D) He
81. Тести оддӣ
Ҷавоби дурустро дарёфт кунед: That is his tourist brochure. Give ____ to him.
A) my
B) it
C) them
D) I
82. Тести оддӣ
Fill the gap with suitable word: ...(Research tourism) is connected with conferences of scientists.
A) They
B) It
C) Their
D) We
83. Тести оддӣ
варианти тарҷумаи ҷумлаи зеринро ёбед. Ин сайёҳон аз Англия.
A) I are tourists from England.
B) These are tourists from England.
C) That are tourists from England.
D) This are tourists from England.
84. Тести оддӣ
Translate the sentence into English: Он сайёҳон аз Олмон.
A) It are tourists from Germany.
B) Those tourists are from Germany.
C) He are tourists from Germany.
D) My are tourists from Germany.
85. Тести оддӣ
To do research working in the world of water people tour __________.
A) rail
B) seas
C) towns
D) desert
86. Тести оддӣ
Fill the gap with correct word: Immunologists study fresh _______.
A) inhabitants
B) water
C) climate
D) meteors
87. Тести оддӣ
Complete the sentence: Ethnographers tour countries and national areas to study the _________.
A) culture
B) animal
C) water
D) weather
88. Тести оддӣ
Research tourists may be called _________.
A) children
B) explorers
C) doctors
D) teachers
89. Тести оддӣ
Тарҷумаи ибораи зеринро ёбед. муаммоҳои муҳитӣ зист
A) environmental problems
B) social problems
C) geographical feature
D) cultural places
90. Тести оддӣ
A) history
B) relationship
C) beauty
D) clothing
91. Тести оддӣ
Give the translation афсона
A) customs
B) folktale
C) story
D) food
92. Тести оддӣ
American foods were developed and cultivated by original American ________.
A) Indians
B) Tajiks
C) Asians
D) Russians
93. Тести оддӣ
Ethnologists tour areas to collect old object of folk_____.
A) street
B) art
C) flower
D) room
94. Тести оддӣ
Варианти тарҷумаи калимаи зерин чӣ мешавад? анъанаи қадима
A) modern dance
B) old heritage
C) national song
D) ancient tradition
95. Тести оддӣ
Fill the gap with the correct word below: Biologists study the water _________.
A) poems
B) inhabitants
C) legents
D) literature
96. Тести оддӣ
Find the correct translation. хусусияти ҷуғрофӣ
A) water pollution
B) different periods
C) seasonal change
D) geographical
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