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Тест аз фанни Забони Англиси 2018 2

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1. Тести оддӣ
Калимаи мувофиқро интихоб кунед People _______ travelling long ago.
A) starting
B) started
C) to start
D) did start
2. Тести оддӣ
Ҷавоби дурустро муайян кунед: The first travelers were __________.
A) animals
B) pilgrims
C) teachers
D) workers
3. Тести оддӣ
Калимаи дурустро интихоб кунед: The most important travelers were ___________.
A) young people
B) explorers
C) students
D) cars
4. Тести оддӣ
Choose only one variant: The father of modern mass tourism is ___________.
A) Adam Smith
B) Thomas Cook
C) British public
D) Bill Gates
5. Тести оддӣ
Калимаҳои мувофиқро аз поён ёбед: I usually _____ for 6 hours a day, but I _____ for 8 hours yesterday.
A) work / worked
B) works / worked
C) work / to work
D) worked / worked
6. Тести оддӣ
Кадом шакли феъл дуруст аст? What country ____ they____ two years ago?
A) did/travel
B) to do/travel
C) will/traveling
D) did/ traveled
7. Тести оддӣ
Thomas Cook arranged the first trip by _________.
A) plane
B) car
C) space
D) railway
8. Тести оддӣ
Тарҷумаи калимаи зерин чӣ мешавад? зиёраткунанда
A) merchant
B) nomad
C) pilgrim
D) trader
9. Тести оддӣ
Тарҷумаи калимаи зеринро ёбед. дастрас
A) modern
B) nation
C) available
D) typical
10. Тести оддӣ
Ҷавоби дуруст чӣ аст? Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus and Magellan were the world famous _____________.
A) merchants
B) holidaymakers
C) traders
D) explorers
11. Тести оддӣ
Choose the correct form of the following verb: She _____ from England ten months ago.
A) do not come
B) come
C) to came
D) came
12. Тести оддӣ
Choose the correct verb: My friends _______ to the cinema last Sunday.
A) did went
B) to go
C) went
D) going
13. Тести оддӣ
Our homework ____ very difficult yesterday.
A) to be
B) was
C) am
D) to do
14. Тести оддӣ
Our President _______ born in 1952.
A) to did
B) did
C) was
D) will
15. Тести оддӣ
Шакли мувофиқи феълро интихоб кунед: He _____ some new shoes last month.
A) to buy
B) buying
C) did buy
D) bought
16. Тести оддӣ
This question has one word missing. Find it. Where _____ you go on holiday last year?
A) want
B) did
C) to do
D) went
17. Тести оддӣ
Find the correct verb: Our students _____ tennis last weekend.
A) did play
B) to play
C) played
D) playing
18. Тести оддӣ
It _____ a lot in winter last year.
A) snowing
B) snowed
C) do snow
D) to snow
19. Тести оддӣ
Кадом феъл дуруст аст? Thomas Cook _____ the first tour in 1841.
A) organized
B) to organized
C) will organize
D) organizing
20. Тести оддӣ
Кадом тарҷумаи ҷумла дуруст аст? Аввалин оҷонсии сайёҳи соли 1855 таъсис шуд.
A) The first travel agency found in 1855.
B) The first travel agency was founded in 1855.
C) The first travel agency to found in 1855.
D) The first travel agency was in 1855.
21. Тести оддӣ
Space tourism is expected to take off in the _______ century.
A) 25th
B) 20th
C) 18th
D) 21st
22. Тести оддӣ
The term _____ was adopted after the World War II.
A) industry
B) holiday
C) tourism
D) traveling
23. Тести оддӣ
Соли гузашта мо таътили худро дар Помир гузарондем.
A) Last year we spends our holidays in Pomir.
B) Last year we to spent our holidays in Pomir.
C) Last year we spent our holidays in Pomir.
D) Last year we did spent our holidays in Pomir.
24. Тести оддӣ
Феъли мувофиқро интихоб кунед: He _____ the school in 1994.
A) finished
B) to finished
C) finish
D) finishing
25. Тести оддӣ
Шакли дурусти феъли \"to go\" ро интихоб кунед: Yesterday we …… to the cinema and saw a great film.
A) did
B) to go
C) went
D) does
26. Тести оддӣ
Ибораҳои мувофиқро дар замони гузаштаи номуайян аз поён ёбед: When …… Rome? Last summer.
A) did you visit
B) are you visit
C) does you to visiting
D) do you to visit
27. Тести оддӣ
Варианти феъли мувофиқро дар замони гузаштаи номуайян интихоб кунед: Anvar ______ _____ yesterday afternoon.
A) do come
B) didn’t came
C) am come
D) didn’t come
28. Тести оддӣ
Феъли мувофиқро дар замони гузаштаи номуайян интихоб кунед: Tourists __________ tennis in the sport ground yesterday.
A) playing
B) played
C) not play
D) to play
29. Тести оддӣ
Find the correct translation of the sentence: Соли гузашта мо дар Исфара хуб истироҳат кардем.
A) Last year we has a good rest in Isfara.
B) Last year we had a good rest in Isfara.
C) Last year we do a good rest in Isfara.
D) Last year we to have a good rest in Isfara.
30. Тести оддӣ
Choose the correct form of the verb : Where _____ you _____ on holiday last year?
A) does/went
B) did/go
C) has/go
D) will/gone
31. Тести оддӣ
A) имрӯз
B) дирӯз(дина)
C) даста
D) фардо
32. Тести оддӣ
_____industry is one of the most developing branches of the world economy.
A) rate
B) trip
C) tourist
D) demand
33. Тести оддӣ
Choose the right variant: Since 1998 ____ occupies the first place in the world export.
A) tourism
B) agriculture
C) village
D) industry
34. Тести оддӣ
Tajikistan could accept up to _____ of foreign tourists a year.
A) 10 million
B) 40 million
C) 5 million
D) 100 million
35. Тести оддӣ
Find the right variant: Tajikistan tourist market accounts about ___of the world tourist flow.
A) 1%
B) 10%
C) 16%
D) 100%
36. Тести оддӣ
Ба ҷои холимонда варианти калимаи дурустро интихоб кунед: The main task of tourism development in Tajikistan is formation of _____marketing strategy.
A) poor
B) old
C) local
D) modern
37. Тести оддӣ
Ба ҷои холимонда калимаро дуруст интихоб кунед: Tajikistan could accept up to 40 million of foreign _____ a year.
A) students
B) doctors
C) teachers
D) tourists
38. Тести оддӣ
The main factor delaying development of tourism in Tajikistan is __________.
A) small quality of hotel facilities
B) lack of historical places
C) lack of high mountains
D) lack of water
39. Тести оддӣ
Ба ҷои холимонда калимаро дуруст дарёфт кунед: _____ did you buy your coat? At a shop in town.
A) Who
B) Where
C) When
D) Why
40. Тести оддӣ
Development of tourism in Tajikistan require information and advertisement _______.
A) towns
B) lessons
C) programs
D) people
41. Тести оддӣ
Тарҷумаи саволи зеринро ёбед. Ӯ кай аз Лондон баргашт?
A) When did he come from London?
B) When he came from London?
C) When he to come from London?
D) When did he coming from London?
42. Тести оддӣ
Шакли саволии феъли \"to meet\" ро дарёбед: I have met Anvar. When __________?
A) have you met him
B) did you meet him
C) did you meeting him
D) do you to meet him
43. Тести оддӣ
Фосиларо пурра намоед Lola _______ at 6 o clock in the morning every day.
A) gets up
B) looks up
C) jumps up
D) stands up
44. Тести оддӣ
Ҷавоби дурустро ишорат кунед: Tajikistan has to promote tourist product on both domestic and international ________.
A) kindergartens
B) schools
C) libraries
D) markets
45. Тести оддӣ
The promotion of tourism in Tajikistan includes issuing of catalogues and ________.
A) food
B) cars
C) booklets
D) chemical products
46. Тести
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